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This article was published on December 11, 2015

    You might soon be able to ride first class in a glass pod atop a plane, if you’re into that

    You might soon be able to ride first class in a glass pod atop a plane, if you’re into that
    Bryan Clark
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    Bryan Clark

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    Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

    When flying, it seems logical that most passengers would want to remain in the cabin area. Not so, says Windspeed, an aerospace engineering company.

    Windspeed is in talks with one aircraft maker to offer a rather outside-the-plane alternative to conventional seating arrangements, at least for two passengers at a time. With SkyDeck, two passengers can actually ride on top of the plane, rather than inside.

    Upgraded aircraft that feature the SkyDeck seating option, when it releases, will offer first class-quality seats in a cabin that can be risen from inside the plane to the top of the fuselage. Once at the top, the seats will exit the plane where they’ll reside inside a spacious, aerodynamic dome that is guaranteed to provide at least the same level of safety as the rest of the plane.

    Both the dome and the elevator that will raise the seats to the fuselage will require additional space on the plane, as well as significant weight increase. Both will reduce the number of seats, on board.

    Unless airlines planned to sell these seats at an exorbitant fare, it’s hard to picture them actually doing it. Airlines, afterall, are in a pinch to squeeze more seats into a plane rather than removing them.

    But, you can’t deny it’s a cool idea. Sign us up.

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