This article was published on July 18, 2020

You may not know you need a smart jump rope but the SmartRope will make you see

You may not know you need a smart jump rope but the SmartRope will make you see
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TLDR: The SmartRope is what happens when even your jump rope connects to the web — and it’s all about your health…with some random coolness as well.

When your grandmother picked up a jump rope and went out to go play in the yard last century, you have to think she probably didn’t expect that one day, her favorite toy would be part of a technology-driven workout regimen governed by linked devices all over the world.

Of course, few saw the internet coming — and just as few would have thought that a few feet of rope might be electronically talking to a connected world. But that’s basically the origin of the SmartRope, the LED-embedded jump rope created by Tangram Factory. Right now, it’s available so only $79.95 from TNW Deals.

 For all its simplicity, the jump rope remains one of the most effective fitness methods around,  a high intensity workout that builds your heart strength while cutting your risk of heart disease or a stroke.

The SmartRope brings all those health benefits right into the heart of a 2020 workout routine, boosting its effectiveness to offer you the best possible training experience. Incorporating design elements that result in a significantly improved jumping, a slight flick of the wrist drives Smart Rope fluidly and effortlessly.

With each revolution, the SmartRope tracks your jump count, calories burned, time elapsed, and your progress toward your fitness goals. All that data gets fed back to your connected Smart Gym app, so you’ll always know exactly how you’re doing.

Of course, while all the health benefits and connectivity issues are certainly important, there’s nothing as cool about the Kickstarter-funded device as the best way to know exactly how the SmartRope is doing: your jump count is actually written in the air.

The tiny LEDs embedded in the rope act like an animated movie, lighting up in sync as the SmartRope rotates around the user, showing your jump count illuminated in mid-air. That only is worth the price of picking up a SmartRope and trying it out, just to see it for yourself.

With three different sizes for people of varying heights, the SmartRope also comes in the color that best matches your workout outfit. Available in chrome, red or black, they’re all on sale for just $79.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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