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This article was published on May 26, 2010

Yahoo! Mail Integrates Facebook.

Yahoo! Mail Integrates Facebook.

It wasn’t long ago that many of us were saying Ya-who?  But over the past few days, the one-time giant has started to rear its head again, pushing more toward being a content-focused brand.

Tony C from the Yahoo! team is filling us in on a new feature for users of Yahoo! Mail.  Facebook has been pretty deeply integrated into Yahoo! Mail since this past December, with features like importing and mailing your Facebook friends and cross posting your Facebook status into Yahoo!

But this new feature solves two addictions at once: viewing your Facebook feed live within Yahoo! Mail.  When you check your Updates section (which is normally reserved for status updates across the Yahoo! sites) you’ll now be able to see a live Facebook feed, if you so choose.

You’ll have full interaction by being able to comment, like and even hide items from the stream.  If it’s all a bit too noisy for you?  Yahoo! has an answer for that as well:

We also know that you have different friends on Yahoo! and Facebook, and seeing all their Updates in one place may not be ideal. No problem. By default, we show both Yahoo! and Facebook items intermingled, but you can filter – All Updates, only Yahoo!, only Facebook – by clicking on that tab.

The next step?  Mobile integration.  It’s a bit lacking at the moment, but with Yahoo! focusing on the mobile market, you can bet we’ll see it soon.