This article was published on September 29, 2021

With XSplit VCam Premium, instantly improve the background in any videos and make it look seamless

With XSplit VCam Premium, instantly improve the background in any videos and make it look seamless
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: XSplit VCam Premium gives users ultimate and easy control over the backgrounds of all their video conferencing, vlogging, or live streaming videos.

Just a few short years ago, who would have ever thought they’d care about video backgrounds? But now, with video meetings and conferencing a daily part of many of our lives, you actually have to pay attention to your surroundings, the environment happening in your video communications, and, most importantly, what it says about you.

XSplit V Cam instantly adds an extra dash of professionalism to virtually all of your live video sessions, offering custom background options that replace the reality of the three-ring circus happening behind you with slick, attractive new possibilities. Right now, a lifetime subscription to XSplit VCam Premium is available at over half off, just $29 from TNW Deals.

Whether you’re video conferencing, shooting video vlogs, or even live streaming, XSplit VCam makes it easy to remove, replace, or blur your current background without all the expensive green screen programs or complicated lighting situations that would take before.

With XSplit Cam, all users have to do is fire up their camera, and, with XSplit VCam installed, select a new image to serve as the background of your videos. Users can choose one of their including options or pick one of their own to fully customize their look. 

With the new and improved version powered by artificial intelligence, the meshing of live images and inserted backgrounds is incredibly smooth, without any of the clunky blurring if you move your head or raise your arms. It all looks like you’re actually in the gorgeous home or office you choose, along the French Riviera, in outer space, or whatever image you decide to serve as your set in this digital space.

No matter what you choose as your new background, XSplit also comes with an array of lighting features, which allow users to add a soft blur to any background, smoothing out or even totally obscuring any distractions. That helps draw your viewer’s attention right where you want it — to a crystal clear image of yourself right at the center of your frame.

Whether you’re having fun with a podcast video, a vlog, game streaming, doing your own talk shows, or handling professional obligations like video conferencing, virtual interviews, or consultation services, XSplit can offer the high quality product you want to make your production Hollywood ready at all times.

XSplit VCam works with all the biggest video chat software programs, including Zoom, Skype, Discord, Google Hangouts, WeChat, and more, as well as streaming apps like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Steamlabs, and XSplit. It’s even compatible for both Mac or Windows users.

A lifetime of access to XSplit VCam Premium is regularly a $60 value, but with the current deal, it’s on sale now for just $29 while this offer lasts.

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