This article was published on July 6, 2021

With this Espresso touchscreen and all these accessories, you can set up to work or play anywhere

With this Espresso touchscreen and all these accessories, you can set up to work or play anywhere
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TLDR: The Espresso WFH Touchscreen Display and Accessories Bundle helps turn any device into an on-the-go work or playstation you can use virtually anywhere.

We’re all looking for more versatility these days from virtually everything. Nowhere is that more evident than with our powerful mobile devices. We want them to do everything, but considering we have to pack more and more gear with us to get everything done, we’d like our devices to be both fast and on-the-go easy as well as capable of serving as our own portable work station when we need to get serious about productivity.

Oh yeah, and if we could play games on it, we’d really enjoy that too.

The Espresso WFH Touchscreen Display offers that level of compatibility with almost anything you have in mind from a greatly expanded desktop for getting more work done to a truly HD-worthy widescreen for watching movies or playing top flight video games, all from almost any location.

Made from aeronautical grade aluminum and capable of connecting to almost any device, the Espresso is ultra-adaptable, built to survive the rigors of the outside world, and incredibly simple to use. 

Winner of a Red Dot 2021 reward as well as a Good Design Award gold winner, they call the Espresso the World’s Thinnest Portable Display — and at less than a quarter of an inch thick, you won’t find many models that can dispute that claim.

Compatible with Mac and Windows PCs, a Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox, and many smartphones via USB-C, this external monitor supplies video and power through one convenient cable, all on a 1080p resolution display that brings everything to life.

But even with the monitor, you need more to set up a truly mobile workstation, so the rest of this bundle includes accessories for an absolute on the go work or play environment with just a moment’s notice.

Also included in this all-inclusive work bundle is a magnetic flip case, a protective microfiber stand cover that keeps the display safe during transport; and a MountGo, that creates an immediate mount for your Espresso anywhere you are. Magnets hold the display in place here as well, including fully adjustable height, tilt and rotation abilities as well as padding to protect the monitor and its aluminum surfaces from ugly scratches.

Finally, buyers also get Espresso Touch Software for Mac, an app that transforms your current monitor into an intuitive touch screen full of easy-to-use features and customization options.

The original cost for everything in the Espresso WFH Touchscreen Display and Accessories is $506, but with the current deal, you get everything included and save $50, knocking the final price down to just $456.

Prices are subject to change.

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