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This article was published on February 26, 2016

With one line of code, Apple just made everyone aware of its ‘d’

With one line of code, Apple just made everyone aware of its ‘d’
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

Former Managing Editor, TNW

Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

“There’s more to love with every click” takes on entirely new meaning if you forego the spacing between the “c” and “l.”

The subtle change between the before and after might look unnoticeable to some, but look closer and both taglines tell an entirely different story.

Apple is a design-first organization, so it — better than most — understands the importance of proper kerning. Proper typesetting, in this case, involved adding a span tag and additional spacing to keep El Capitan from being NSFW, complete with marketable tagline.

Thing is, there’s a pretty good chance nobody would have even noticed Apple’s “d” had they not paraded it around by changing it. That’s the thing about the “d,” it’s rather benign until stimulated, and it only became clear when Apple stroked its “d” all over the internet.

So Apple, my advice is that from now on you just keep your “d” to yourself. Oh, and mind your typesetting.

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