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This article was published on October 17, 2014

    Win a trip to The Next Web’s USA Conference in New York

    Win a trip to The Next Web’s USA Conference in New York
    Matthew Elworthy
    Story by

    Matthew Elworthy

    Marketing Manager, TNW Events

    The Next Web has its reasons for not generally giving away free tickets. Eight reasons, to be precise. Amongst this list – carefully drawn up by our CEO & co-Founder Boris – at number 2, is that a ticket should earn itself back, tenfold.

    As Boris puts it, “our events are inspiring, offer amazing networking opportunities and should help you get ahead with your career or your startup.” His article may have been written almost two years ago, but this statement has only grown more accurate.

    For #TNWUSA this year, the whole TNW Events team have been working hard to curate a conference for you that will deliver all of these things. We’ve secured inspirational speakers and an equally inspirational venue. We’re offering amazing networking opportunities with carefully selected startups, awesome attendees and excellent investors. As well as panels and open office hours that will help you to bring your A-game at work.

    But despite all this, we’ve still decided to break our own Golden Rule. This year, we’re giving away one chance to come and party with The Next Web…

    Securing our venue on The Corner of Wall Street has left us feeling like the Wolf himself. But rather than blowing a fortune on a TNW company yacht or private jet in celebration, we’ve decided to treat our fans.

    So for all the guys and girls that have been attending our conferences since 2006 and have never grumbled when we’ve coolly and consistently said ‘no’ to free-ticket requests, this one’s for you. And to all those new to The Next Web Conferences, this ones for you too – we’re an egalitarian event and love all of our (prospective) attendees equally. After all, if it wasn’t for our audience, a TNW Conference would be a pretty lonely place.

    Whether it’s on us, on your company, or paid for from your own back-pocket, we’re looking forward to seeing you in New York.

    For the chance to win a full pass for TNW USA Conference, a return flight to New York and 3 nights in a Manhattan hotel, simply sign up below

    About the prize:

    – 1x full conference pass to TNW USA Conference on December 10th, 2014
    – 1x return flight
    – 3 nights in a Manhattan hotel from December 9th – December 11th, 2014
    – Winners will be announced by November 1st, 2014 at the latest.