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This article was published on September 1, 2017

What will be the future of messaging apps?

What will be the future of  messaging apps?
David Geer
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David Geer

David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a ful David Geer is a Tech Entrepreneur, a business development consultant, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He has worked as a full time technology writer/technology journalist for 12 years. His work regularly appears in national and international publications.

It is the year 2017 and we carry the future with us in our pocket – that is a simple and sleek mobile device. Texting is one of the most common activities that are performed in a smart phone. Apart from exchanging text and picture messages and videos, the messaging  Apps has gone far beyond these tasks. Messaging apps are also including corporate accounts, browsers, chat bots, and payment methods as well.

People can now chat and exchange messages via messaging  apps but also pay their bills online, transfer money, shop online and do many more tasks. Some of the most common messaging  Apps that are used in today’s world is  Facebook messenger , Whats App, We Chat, Google and Yahoo messenger and Line messenger. Since the launch of the Messenger platform with chatbots in April, Facebook has allowed businesses to deliver automated interactive experiences, e-commerce guidance and customer support with the help of chatbots. WeChat in China is what all messaging platforms aspire to be: It accompanies the users throughout their daily life in every possible aspect — making it indispensable in people’s minds. Through WeChat, Chinese can do everything from chatting with friends, groups or strangers to conducting business or e-commerce, accessing fintech applications, playing games, or even connecting to diverse IoT devices.  Beside there is a lot of new and upcoming messengers which can really change our messaging experience .Worldwide researches have show that Over 2.5 billion people   have at least one messenger apps installed in their phone. A number of business strategies also support the power of messenger apps. Line and We chat has a wide assortment of stickers and messaging .Apps like Telegram, Kik  have also been seen to launch their Bot APIs.


Facebook is one of the largest services that continue to grow. It has an enormous customer base and has grown 3.5% per quarter for four years and there is no sign of the app lagging behind or slowing down.  It is predicted that Face Book would have 3 billion users by the year 2020. FB’s network of active business pages is growing. It is adding roughly 10 million businesses per year, so the active network is likely somewhere around 60 million now. his is where Messenger naturally comes into play. The obstacle for other messaging platforms, such as traditional SMS or iMessage, is they do not support an already established first leg of the B2C relationship, and certainly not one as large as FB.


WhatsApp messenger is known to be the number 2 in rank and it has been heard that it has  crossed the 1 billion-user mark.  Whats App is known to focus more on text, picture and video sharing. It has recently introduced the Video chatting sessions as well. This App is absolutely free and does not serve any Ads. Whats App has shown a growth of 5-6% in the last three quarters and it is predicted that it would have 1.5 billion users by the end of this decade.


What about new and upcoming  messaging apps ?

There are so many new messenger apps in current market . With so many newly emerging messenger apps, it seems that the future of messenger apps is really bright and promising. It has been heard that Fastra Corporation which was Founded by Ravi Gullapalli  would recently be launching the Fastra messenger on September 3rd week . This App has been designed to be more direct and communicative compared to all other messaging apps. What is unique about this messenger is the Photo upload feature where people can upload their own pictures and selfies with Augmented reality filters and can view their friends and family pictures in a separate section.The Fastra messenger App has a simple user interface that can be used regularly. Apart from photographs, users can also share funny content and get money from various advertisers. Fastra is also developing Star platform where fans can meet their beloved celebrities at different locations.  According to Ravi Gullapalli ,Founder & CEO of Fastra Messenger  

There is lot of scope for Messenger applications to be involved and connected with people on daily basis and provide them lot of free services and help them, In Fastra our Team is working hard to achieve this goal. We are trying to make total chat experience innovative and disruptive in coming days.

Apart from that, messenger Apps like Snap Chat, Viber , We Chat, and Hi Five combine the keys to an interactive relation between customers. Messaging Apps are known to have numerous users who are engaged in these apps for at least 10 hours in a day. They serve as a multipurpose platform that enables all kinds of activities as well.


So keeping all these discussions in mind, you can be sure that messaging apps has been created globally to update people on technology and it seems that the future of messaging  apps is sure to be booming as well. Messaging applications will present a change in outlook for advertisers where intuitive and logical discussions will replace ad broadcasting  .

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