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This article was published on May 1, 2018

Why I drive slowly

Why I drive slowly
I’m a very cautious driver. It sometimes annoys my passengers as I’ll generally drive slower than other cars on the road. I have a good reason to do that though. Many years ago I drove a car headfirst into another car. I did it on purpose, at a scrapyard, and I probably wasn’t going faster than a bicycle, but the impact was immense.

I had my right hand on the steering wheel and my thumb bent backward on impact. My glasses flew off my face and bounced off the console onto the ground. My right hand went through the steering wheel and crashed into the turn indicator, breaking it off. And that all happened in a split second. If you’ve ever crashed into another car going a few miles an hour, you’ll suddenly realize how awful it would be to crash into another car at full speed.

Experiencing a crash firsthand made me realize I never want to be in a real crash. I wish experiencing a crash was part of getting your drivers license. The cost would be minimal and the educational value would be immeasurable.

A few weeks ago I bought a table saw…

Don’t worry, I didn’t lose a finger yet. But while I was doing some research into best practices I stumbled upon a page filled with awful photos of table saw accidents. I got nauseous, but I forced myself to read the stories. I’ll be more cautious now that I’ve seen what could happen if I don’t. I’ve seen the downside.

I think taking some time to focus on the downside is constructive. This isn’t a glass-half-full thing, but whenever I need to make a decision I like to hear what the worst case scenario is. I want to get comfortable with it for two purposes; first of all, it will motivate me to avoid it, and second of all, if I know what to expect the worst case scenario is a lot easier to deal with.

What we’ve been talking about this week:

? You can turn (almost) anything into a table with this… leg.

? Hackers have found a devious way to break into hotel rooms. It sounds terrifying, but it’s also a great way to leave your friend a nice surprise, like cookies or something. Kidding, don’t do this.

? Here’s a ranking of the people in Amazon’s car delivery promo based on how likely we’d give them our keys.

? You can now download your Instagram data.

? We got a screenshot of what the new Facebook unsend feature for Messenger might look like.

What I’ve been thinking about:

Concerns regarding internet privacy have recently stretched beyond the tech industry and have pervaded global conversations about our future. People seem to be more aware of their threatened privacy than ever before, yet the number of people on social media users continues to increase. It’s crucial that we know how to protect our privacy online. VPNs, for example, can stop ISPs from seeing all of our internet activity and traffic. One of the best is StrongVPN, a fast and easy solution for navigating a truly open internet. Learn more about them here.

Bye for now!

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