This article was published on January 9, 2011

How much traffic does one tweet from Ashton Kutcher get you?

How much traffic does one tweet from Ashton Kutcher get you?

Love him or hate him, movie star Ashton Kutcher‘s 6 million followers make him one of the most influential figures on Twitter. Now Grumo Media, a company that creates product demo videos has published a blog post explaining just what one tweeted link from Kutcher can do.

Yesterday, the actor tweeted a link to one of Grumo’s videos. In just five hours, Grumo’s Miguel Hernandez says Kutcher’s tweet had sent 13,000 people to the video’s YouTube page. As Hernandez writes…

“This means that my video was watched for a total of 365 hours. In other words, with 5 seconds of effort Ashton was able to consume 365 hours of his followers time.

Now, that is leverage. To be exact that is about 1 to 250,000 leverage!”

Hernandez goes on to calculate that, assuming it took Kutcher five seconds to tweet the link, a single ‘Ashton Kutcher Twitter second’ is worth a quarter of a million fan seconds. “If there was some kind of human second stock market, Ashton stocks would be a great investment for sure”, he writes.

No doubt about it, Ashton Kutcher has built up a powerful position on Twitter although it wasn’t all organic growth. Let’s face it, not all Twitter users can afford a billboard poster campaign. Still, no matter how it was achieved, Kutcher is an interesting case and those marketing departments out there looking for a way to measure influence on the microblogging service could find some use in Hernandez’s ‘Twitter seconds’ metric.