This article was published on October 6, 2011

What wouldn’t you do for a Like? 3 Fan Page Fail videos

What wouldn’t you do for a Like? 3 Fan Page Fail videos

The day of the Like and Follow have created quite the ruckus, forcing brands to really evaluate the differences in quality versus quantity. What are 1 million Facebook fans worth if none of them Retweet or Share or engage with your content? Wouldn’t it be better to have 100,000 really active and loud fans? And how annoying is it when brands will do anything just to get you to Like them? It normally creates quite the opposite reaction. Where’s the damn Unlike button?

The team at North Social has built a number of innovative social media applications, promotions, and marketing campaigns for some of the most forward thinking brands on the planet since 2006. The site is pretty awesome and even lets you connect with Facebook to personalize your experience and receive bite sized social media tips and tricks to your inbox.

For North Social’s latest 11-spot series “Fan Page Fail” you’ll see the socially-reckless “Jonny Like” desperately trying to get someone to return a “Follow Us On Facebook” volley. We posted the first 6 videos last month and now have 3 more to show you.

In Fan Page Fail #7: Hollywood Hustle, we watch Jonny drop the ball trying to solicit likes on the infamous Hollywood Boulevard.  The real-world parallel is an all-too-frequent occurrence. You’ve seen it before: the poorly designed Facebook page promising a dozen week-old bagels for anyone who likes their page. We’re all for using what you’ve got, but carelessly handing out freebies won’t cut it as a marketing strategy if you’re looking for quality fans, customers, and evangelists.

In Fan Page Fail #8 Larry Craig, Jonny reminds us yet again that when trying to motivate new fans on Facebook, pay just as much attention to WHEN AND WHERE you’re going to message as you do to WHAT you’re actually going to say.

In Fan Page Fail #9 Walk of Shame, Jonny’s desperation quickly turns Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame into the Walk of Shame when he offers up his canine pal Freddie for a mere Facebook like. Excessive? Sure – but we’ve all witnessed even the most blue-chip brands act out of similar pathetic urgency.

I hope these have lightened up your day of tech news just a bit. We’ll be back soon with the last two!

Featured image source: Shutterstock/Vitalii Nesterchuk