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This article was published on August 11, 2018

What would a genius like Tim Ferriss do? Here’s how to get your head and heart working together

What would a genius like Tim Ferriss do? Here’s how to get your head and heart working together
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We absorb new information. We push to advance our careers. We strive to store every useful detail we can jam into our overstuffed brains. But as technology and our frantic world rev up the pace of learning and personal growth, it’s easy to overlook our physical health and mental wellness.

Some of the most brilliant achievers will tell you that the pursuit of professional success and a sound mind-body balance are intrinsically linked. You can hear their stories for addressing both the head and the heart with this 30 Days of Genius training bundle, only $79 (an 88 percent savings) from TNW Deals.

For the analyticals among us (and you know who you are), the Start a Profitable Online Business course lays out proven strategies for getting a profitable online operation off the ground. This is the guide to establishing your brand, attracting online influencers, using social media, and all the critical tips for getting attention and growing a digital business.

Then, make sure your body is as healthy as your mind with Maintain Your Body For Long-Lasting Health & Mobility. Taught by mobility expert and SF Crossfit founder Kelly Starrett, these lessons are geared to increasing mobility in your daily life. This training will refine your exercise, stave off injuries, and retrain you to retrain your body into optimal performance.

With the mental and the physical finely tuned, you’re ready to stretch. First, New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss rolls out The 4-Hour Life, a holistic life strategy with goals of improving your health, wealth, and wisdom.

Next, Ferriss is one of the 30 can-do achievers who taps into their creative sides to maximum potential in the 30 Days of Genius course. Interviews with dynamic successful people like Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, Jared Leto and more pinpoint where they broke away from the pack creatively, spotlighting where you can find similar situations in your own life.

In all, you get 30 hours of training that should put you in peak mind and body alignment. This bundle gets your wallet in fine shape as well, offering nearly $700 worth of courses for just $79.

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