This article was published on April 18, 2011

Want to create better Facebook content? Check out ContentAide

Want to create better Facebook content? Check out ContentAide

Cody Barbierri, a social media strategist that has been helping companies with strategy and page building on Facebook for years has just launched ContentAide that monitors, qualifies and delivers relevant content that will attract and retain loyal Facebook fans.

“I found there isn’t a tool to aid companies in creating good content, the kind of content that will actually get people’s attention and turn them into customers and fans,” says Barbierri. “The secret sauce is an algorithm we created that takes into consideration several different factors on each page, like community size, number of likes and comments on each status update.”

On a daily basis, users will receive a report that reflects the most engaged, or popular content of the past 24 hours. As part of the delivery, ContentAide allows the user to customize several sections: “my company,” “competitors” and “category”. While Facebook’s built-in Insights tool tells you how your own brand’s Page is doing, ContentAide lets you track your competitors too.

We gave it a whirl this morning and just received the results. So “Company” would be The Next Web. “Competitors” would be no one! Just kidding, I chose TechCrunch, Mashable, Engadget, etc. And Category is how Facebook buckets it businesses, like transportation or clothing. I chose news/media.

The email provided us with a handy rundown of our top posts, the # of comments, and of our competitors, just like it promised. Our top post on our Facebook page for the past 24 hours? “What are the chances of Apple entering the TV business?” TechCrunch’s top post was about Square; Mashable’s was about Tim Berners-Lee; and for some reason Engadget didn’t show up, which may be because it takes up to 12 hours to fully index.

Within the web browser, it also ranked results from today. Please, check out our Facebook page and get your engaging on.

ContentAide’s algorithm even takes into consideration how well a post does in comparison to how many people Like the page. For example, pages with 15 million people can easily get likes and comments, while a page with 1,000 it isn’t as easy, so a post that does really well on the latter, will be weighted higher.

ContentAide is for any business or brand that has a page and wants to create better content, as well as consultants and agencies who are creating content for their clients. Pricing: 15 Day Free Trial; a Basic membership of $20 (per month) for 1 daily report; a Plus membership for $40 (per month) for up to 3 daily reports; a Premium membership for $100 (per month) for up to 10 daily reports; and the Ultimate membership for $200 (per month) for unlimited reports.

Interested in checking it out? Sign up here.