This article was published on February 24, 2012

What I learned from Twitter today (but mostly in the last 3 minutes)

What I learned from Twitter today (but mostly in the last 3 minutes)

The tech blogging big birds have been crowing this week. Digging their patent pending iBeaks into the grubby soil of self-reflective angst and coming up with worm after worm.

I’m not talking about this, but the news that Google is entering the sexy, hedonistic world of eye care with its glasses. Larry, if you’re listening, we’d like some tortoise shell frames with ours.

But instead of getting distracted by the week gone, let’s roll our chicken eye around and direct it at today and what we learned from Twitter about the state of the tech nation.

  • MG Siegler is chomping at the bit and never going to link to the Wall Street Journal ever, ever again
  • After being outed as a Hitman, Robert Scoble refuted, disputed and then became computed into launching his own fund
  • His Holiness The Pope is joining Twitter, hoping to beat Jesus with his 12 followers and the Fake Pope
  • Zynga created a web wormhole by asking itself whether it played it’s own games
  • Humpty Dumpty is 18th Century slang for a short and clumsy person and not as some would have you believe, traditional tech reporting.
  • 4 Hour Working Week guru and number 4 lover, Tim Ferris, cheated on the number 4 with the number 10.
  • The Internet began to eat itself when #RIPGreggJevin became a Twitter meme, with people pouring their witty little breaking hearts out in memory of a character created this very morning.
  • The Army wired its privates into kevlar codpieces, lacklustre innuendo followed
  • Stick men find themselves doodled on $1million greenbacks and the world pauses to think, what have we created?!
  • Bieber caught a fever and socked it to a Beaver
  • The only things sweating in this shop will be the folk lined up to grab their Nike Fuelband.
  • JK Rowling is writing an adult book about ex Prime Minster and war bungler, Tony Blair.
  • Harry Potter’s stunt double announced his departure from TechPo, then the tech blogging glitterati went proper mental at anyone and everyone.
  • The Greek economy is going down the pan, but to open a business selling olive oil there you’d better not flush just yet, because the government wants to inspect your stool.

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