This article was published on August 30, 2010

Weebly (User) Protests The New Digg In Rare Form

Weebly (User) Protests The New Digg In Rare Form

Update: Weebly has pointed out that despite the killer sub-domain that the page has, the company has nothing to do with this specific site. A user built it, plain and simple. We apologize for the confusion.

Yes, people are up in arms over the new Digg. It was to be expected, change brings hate on the internet. However Weebly, the casual website creator, has taken up the pitchfork themselves and are heading to war. You would not expect a content hosting company to get involved in the fray, right?

We cannot paraphrase their website well enough to explain, so a picture will have to suffice:

Oh dear. To all my friends at Digg, best of luck weathering the storm. Love Digg or hate it, you have to admit that this level of user spat was not expected.