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This article was published on March 30, 2009

The Next Web Conference: Help a Start-up!

The Next Web Conference: Help a Start-up!
Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
Story by

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Founder & board member, TNW

Boris is a serial entrepreneur who founded not only TNW, but also V3 Redirect Services (sold), HubHop Wireless Internet Provider (sold), and Boris is a serial entrepreneur who founded not only TNW, but also V3 Redirect Services (sold), HubHop Wireless Internet Provider (sold), and Boris is very active on Twitter as @Boris and Instagram: @Boris.

We love to have a lot of start-ups attending The Next Web Conference. Not only on stage but also in the audience and in the hallways talking to investors, customers, potential partners and the press. We actively try to connect these different parties and are very proud that a lot of deals are done at our events.

The Problem

We also understand that start-ups generally don’t have huge budgets and that the price for a ticket can be something of a problem. We also think that 3 days, surrounded by the creme de la creme of the internet world, with top content, food, drinks and parties is priceless and well worth the price we charge.

Still we are always trying to come up with ways to cover our costs AND make it more attractive for start-ups to attend. Today we are announcing a new way for start-ups to promote their business and get into the conference considerably cheaper (at 50% discount).

The Solution

If you have a start-up and want to attend The Next Web Conference 2009 leave a comment with your company name, url and company description in less than 280 characters (2 tweets). If we agree that you are a start-up we will add your name to this post and add your startup to the dropdown menu in the registration form. If somebody buys a ticket and decides to support your startup, we’ll send you a special link to claim your 50% discounted conference pass.

Help a Start-up!

If you were considering buying a ticket do everyone a favor and check out the start-ups listed below. Pick one and select them when you buy yourself a pass. Make a Startup happy!

Startups who’d love your help:

Yunoo provides a web-based tool that gives users smarter personal financial knowledge and a better understanding of their personal financial situation. Users see exactly where money is being spend and how much money can be saved. This is combined with a community that is dedicated to helping each other make better educated financial decisions.

Wakoopa is an online social network that helps people discover the best software, games and web applications on the market. It’s the Yellow Pages of software discovery. Wakoopa keeps you updated about what your contacts are using, and sends them smart recommendations based upon their own software usage. Games, audio & video players, instant messengers or office tools: Wakoopa helps people discover the best desktop and web applications on the market.

Twones is a music service and a new way to store, organize, find & share music played all over the web (i.e. YouTube, Myspace,, Hypemachine, Favtape, Blogs and many more) or on your computer (i.e. iTunes) to one single point of access. Twones ties all music and music services together and lets you share your taste with others in the most direct way.

Every wanted to leave a message in a bar “you were there” but you didn’t want to damage the walls? Qifti enables you to do just that with you mobile phone instead of a pen!
Qifti enables every location on the planet to have it’s own unique online wall on which everyone and anyone can write messages.

VIDDIX is an interactive videoplatform that allows you to add all kinds of content to the timeline of your videos. Check for an example video. Zimzer is about sharing great holiday memories with your fellow travel companions. Archive your trips and start sharing photos, travel stories and more.

MoneyBird offers freelancers and SMB’s a very intuitive solution for online invoicing. Invoicing with MoneyBird is fun, and gives you a beautiful overview of your current situation.

My Name is E
E enables you to collect your accounts – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and every other network of your choice – in one spot, and share them in real life by using any mobile phone or Connector. You decide which profiles you share: E allows you to make an online ‘business card’ for every occasion. This way, you’ll be able to share business info with business contacts, and private info with private contacts. Whether you’re at a conference or at a bar, E will always have the right information to share. Send business contacts the address of you office and add them on LinkedIn. Exchange your personal card with a friend and they get added to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or MySpace automatically.

Franglo is in the process of building the first hosted classifieds web application, optimized for small- to medium-sized companies, websites and blogs in niche/vertical markets.

Full screen console quality games in your browser. Play anytime anywhere; your progress is saved on our servers. A unique business model “Play more get more”. Every minute you play, you earn a piece of the game.

MimicMe is an online virtual dressingroom with which people can try clothes online, create a virtual wardrobe and get a personalized size recommendation. MimicMe works without a plugin and can be implemented at online shops, social networks, blogs and fashion communities.

Disney meets Google maps to make travel sharing fun & easy. Let our cute symbols tell the story of your trip. It’s as easy as using emoticons :).

Atawas helps buyers and providers of services meet each other. It generates opportunities for sellers and helps busy people to win time by not doing everything by themself.
What can you offer? What do you need? Check it out and help yourself and others! is a simple company set up on a forum to help spread information, multimedia training, methods, and tactics for business owners to harness the power of Twitter in their marketing plan.
Win cool stuff. Online since the 1st of april 2009, help to support us!

SEOshop is a new powerful e-commerce platform. Without an investment companies start their own professional webshop. We only charge a small commission over the total sales amount.

NewsCred is community powered news aggregator, bringing you all the world’s credible news in one place.

Usabilla offers transparent usability. We take a new approach to online usability testing. Create an online test and start collecting visual feedback for your website or image in five minutes.

Doodle is the most popular service when it comes to finding the best date and time for your next conf call, BBQ, or any other group event.

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