This article was published on December 16, 2020

Watched everything on Netflix? CuriosityStream brings you thousands of documentaries

Watched everything on Netflix? CuriosityStream brings you thousands of documentaries
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: With a lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream, you get thousands of documentary films and series exploring all facets of our world and universe streaming on any device.

We all love superheroes and space operas, but c’mon — do we really have time for 100 new Marvel and Star Wars projects clogging our screens? It’s all about moderation, and for every chunk of full-blown fantasy we devour, we should try to balance our intake with a healthy helping of content that might actually teach us a little something.

You need some meat and potatoes to go along with your dessert — and CuriosityStream is the streaming service equivalent of a pan-seared steak and baked potato with all the toppings. Right now, a lifetime of CuriosityStream is available at 40 percent off the regular price, just $149.99 from TNW Deals.

The brainchild of John Hendricks, the founder of Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and several other educational programming channels, CuriosityStream is home to literally thousands of documentaries exploring virtually anything and everything.

Inquisitive minds can dig into loads of films, series, and other original programmings that works to demystify everything from science and nature to history, technology, society and more, all in glorious HD quality.

With your all-access pass, you can investigate The Secret Life of Dogs, understand Asteroids, Comets and Meteors, or unlock Hidden Japan. You can go back in time and learn about American Icons, or you jump forward into technology with The Joy of A.I. The possibilities are almost inexhaustible with new titles added every month.

You can follow your own path through stacks and stacks of viewing options — or you can follow special curated sections offering a collection of connected learning. There’s even a kids’ section with content that might even challenge those YouTube Minecraft videos with your children.

CuriosityStream is available via the CuriosityStream app on any web-enabled device, including TV, desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Regularly priced at $250, you can now get a lifetime subscription to CuriosityStream at 40 percent off, just $149.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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