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This article was published on October 13, 2016

    Watch this crazy Finnish guy prepare a hot dog using only an 8.5 ton excavator

    Watch this crazy Finnish guy prepare a hot dog using only an 8.5 ton excavator
    Bryan Clark
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    Bryan Clark

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    After years of binging on Top Chef and pinning recipes on Pinterest, chances are you’ll never be as good at preparing a hot dog as Juha-Pekka Perämäki. Granted, you probably aren’t preparing your delicious sausages with an 8.5 ton excavator either.

    Perämäki has a bit of a reputation of being a wizard on the controls of an excavator. This year-old video is just one of many stunts he’s pulled while at the controls of expensive (and dangerous) heavy machinery. A year before this awesome bit of machine mastery, Perämäki took to the sticks of another excavator, this time to show off his surgical precision in putting together a Lego playset.

    If you’ve ever been at the controls of a piece of heavy machinery, you already know how difficult this is. Granted, I haven’t, but this Redditor has:

    I’m not sure why this is making the rounds again a year after the fact, but Reddit picked up on it today and with less than a million views on YouTube, chances are you haven’t seen it. We obviously can’t let you miss cool shit, no matter how old it may be.

    One more thing: Can someone please explain to me why the hell this man put lettuce on a hot dog?

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