This article was published on June 11, 2015

Watch now: 7 habits of successful innovators

Eva Novotna
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Eva Novotna

Eva Novotna is TNW’s video platform editor and part of our marketing team. Eva Novotna is TNW’s video platform editor and part of our marketing team.

Innovation is a team sport.

Amy Jo Kim, co-founder of Shufflebrain, thinks that for companies to be successful, they need to work closely with their dedicated customers.  She thinks successful innovators have seven habits and she shares them in her talk.

The first is that innovators should think like scientists. Small innovations start like experiments designed to answer the most important questions of the customers. The most striking pattern shared by every successful innovation is the willingness to ask the hard, important questions upfront.

Another important habit lies in recognizing the early adopters specifically for your product. They can be of a great value because they are invested in the product and are motivated to make it better. You need to learn about your customers first before you build anything.  Their insights help you to shape the product.

In order to keep your customers engaged, your product needs to contribute to their skill-building. It is not only about creating badges, it is about making the player better than they were. The key is to create the feedback loop to promote learning and mastery through engaging activities.

Do you want to know all the habits? Amy also offers three shortcuts to turbo charge the customer discovery process. What are the shortcuts? Watch Amy’s talk to find out.

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