This article was published on May 4, 2016

Watch: Google’s self-driving car mow down pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto

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From the “things we wish were real” files, YouTuber ‘pizza for breakfast‘ made a clip imagining just what would happen if Rockstar had included Google’s autonomous car in Grand Theft Auto V (and it had the same AI as current in-game drivers).

The car looks like the pissed off version of Google’s warm and fuzzy two door and drives like it’s possessed by a recently laid off Yahoo employee. The clip itself comes from a faux in-game news report where Los Santos reporters take a first look at the self-driving beast as it makes it’s way through the city.

After a trip around the parking lot the car springs into action and starts mowing down pedestrians, rear-ending other vehicles and generally driving like it’s eager to shed the actual Google car’s “overly cautious” mantra.

Sadly, it’s not available in-game… yet. Cross your fingers that Rockstar sees the light.

via Kotaku

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