This article was published on November 21, 2018

Want to learn something while avoiding family this Thanksgiving? Here are 6 ideas.

Want to learn something while avoiding family this Thanksgiving? Here are 6 ideas.
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Football and the Macy’s parade have become synonymous with Thanksgiving Day — and we’ll let you in on a secret. It isn’t about a love of the game or welcoming in the Christmas season.

The truth is, games and parades are just diversions so we don’t have to deal with crazy family. Yep, the conspiracy-spewing uncle, the noisy cousin, the hyperactive kid who…geez, how are you related to him again?

To survive the bombardment, rather than zoning out on whatever is flicking across the TV screen, how about actually learning something? We present six — count ‘em, SIX — worthy options for turning Turkey Day into a day of personal growth.  Beyond your waistline, that is. And they’re all on sale now at up to over 90 percent off. Take that, Thanksgiving!

1. How about learning to code?

You’ve thought about it long enough anyway. The Complete Learn to Code Bonus Bundle features 12 courses that’ll teach you HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Python, databases, even cloud computing. It’s the jam-packed toybox to help you build pretty much anything and everything in the digital world. And the whole thing is available for just over $4 per course.

2. What the heck is blockchaining?

It’s what drives cryptocurrencies, that’s what. However, you might be surprised at all the applications this revolutionary technology offers beyond digital money. With the four-course Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle, you’ll be introduced to how blockchaining occurs, how to build decentralized data caches of your own and (most importantly) how to make some serious bank in the process. For $29 (over 90 percent off), it’s definitely worth the deep dive.

3. You mean I can do THAT with Excel?

There’s more to Microsoft Excel than just spreadsheets, my friend. With the training in the Microsoft VBA Bundle, you’ll go inside the actual programming language that runs Windows’ most venerable productivity program. In fact, this Microsoft VBA instruction can help you automate a lot of Excel’s primary functions, meaning more awesome data generated by less work.  Win-win! The dual-course duo are over $100 off right now, only $29.99.

4. So, those pics on Instagram make how much?

Posts to Facebook and Instagram aren’t just meal pics and celebrity self-aggrandizement. It’s powerful social media marketing — and there are major dollars attached. The Complete Digital Marketing Course shows you how to best position your message or brand with audiences online. If you don’t know what drives SEO, Facebook, YouTube, copywriting, Google Analytics, AdWords and more, this is training you need. It’s 20 hours of training for under $20 — just $19.

5. I’ve always wanted my own computer network…

So, drilling deep inside the inner workers of planning, constructing, managing and protecting a Cisco networking system may be a little…dry for a Thanksgiving Day read — but hey, so is Mom’s turkey! Seriously, The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle is everything you need to know to do virtually anything involving Cisco software or equipment. As the world’s unquestioned leader in data networking, a certification in nine different Cisco specialties (now only $49 with the latest $10 price drop) can go a long way toward a brighter career path when everyone asks at Christmas time.

6. This whole Thanksgiving is just a train wreck of mismanagement, Mom…

If there’s chaos around the Thanksgiving table, if the stuffing and green bean casserole aren’t hitting plates at the same time, if the entire holiday is falling apart…you got this. If you’ve studied up with The Complete Project Management Bundle, that is. With these 11 courses, you’ll understand tactics to oversee projects, manage resources and personnel, establish timelines and basically keep everything from international mergers to holiday seating arrangements on point. At only $29, an over 90 percent savings, make this the Thanksgiving you take command. Bring on Christmas!

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