This article was published on March 22, 2020

Want a free streaming device and 1 year of any streaming service? Here’s how.

Want a free streaming device and 1 year of any streaming service? Here’s how.
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TLDR: We’re giving away the streaming device of your choice and 1 year of any streaming service you want — and it’s all free.

Given everything that’s happening in the world today, it seems like you and your TV are only likely to get better acquainted in the coming months. Just you, your couch and a whole heaping pile of movies, TV shows and other digital content stacked up like cordwood, all ready for the mother of all binge sessions.

We get it. Outside is scary right now. To get you through, we want to help. We not only want to hook you up with a brand new streaming device, but we also want to throw in a full one-year subscription to the streaming service of your choice.

It’s the contest we’ve creatively decided to call The Pick Your Streaming Service and Device Giveaway.  And yes, it’s 100 percent free to enter.

We could explain how it works, but honestly, you’ve pretty much got it figured out. If you’re the randomly selected winner, we’ll ask you to pick the streaming device you want. If you’ve already got an Amazon Fire Stick, maybe you want to try out Apple TV. Or if you’re big on Roku, maybe you’ll like to play with a Google Chromecast for a while. Heck, maybe you’ve never done streaming before and just want a TiVo. You name it…we’ll hook it up.

And since a streaming device is pretty useless without stuff to stream, we’ll open the content floodgates with the premium streaming service you want for one whole year. If you’ve already got Netflix, this would be a great time to check out what HBO Max or Hulu are offering. If you’ve meant to get to the bottom of all this Baby Yoda business, pick Disney+ and you can Mandalorian out to your heart’s content. Just keep your total for everything under $1,000 (which should be totally doable) and we’ll make it happen.

All you’ve got to do is fill out the entry form. It’s as easy as they come. And if you really want to stuff the ballot box, talk a friend 21 years old or older into entering and you’ll get a second entry into the sweepstakes. 

Don’t wait. The mountain of streaming content only gets taller every week. Get your entry in by the deadline on April 4 and good luck!

Prices are subject to change.

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