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This article was published on June 29, 2011

Volkswagen uses Predictive Text humor for its new adverts

Volkswagen uses Predictive Text humor for its new adverts

We’ve all been there. You’re on a phone that sends a predictive text with something that you in no way meant to say, leading to serious embarrassment. The iPhone is well-known for causing many such problems and Volkswagen has tapped into that brilliantly for a new series of ads that end up sending the wrong messages to people. The short simple videos instantly put a smile on your face and get the core message across. You can imagine that these are going to be shared around the web pretty quickly over the coming days.

The only concern I would have is how Steve Jobs is going to react to having his iPhone ripped apart in a commercial but I am guessing a brand like Volkswagen would have that well covered legally speaking, in advance. I’ve seen plenty of screen grabs of funny texts that people have been sent by mistake but this is the first time I have seen video used to get the point across and it’s a great move from Volkswagen. The other bonus is that these ads must have cost about $100 each to make! Perfect for sharing and smart marketing indeed…