This article was published on December 4, 2012

Enhancing Your IT Business Offerings (Sponsored)

Enhancing Your IT Business Offerings (Sponsored)
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This post is brought to you by VMware, the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era.

You can’t argue with the notion that an ideal New Year’s resolution would be to increase the performance and speed of each and every one of the IT projects you’ve got your hands on this coming new year. Lucky for you, all it takes is a commitment to embrace some of the finest technology to hit the market so you can be the go-to resource for modern businesses.

Of course, not every company or organization needs the same technology solution. While every enterprise aims to prevail over competitors, the answer that leads to greater efficiency and success this year and every year may be unexpected – but nonetheless welcomed. A qualified IT professional will have that answer.

That’s why more and more companies are turning to VMware Competency Partners to make it easier to deliver virtualization and cloud computing expertise in the marketplace. A good example comes from George Reed, CIO of Seven Corners travel insurance: “Netech holds both a Desktop and Infrastructure Virtualization Solution Competency from VMware. These Competencies and their collaborative approach gave them the expertise our company needed to go beyond the typical efficiency benefits of the cloud to build innovative business services that generate whole new revenues.”

Simply stated, you want to provide your business with tech solutions that allow you to improve your productivity and bottom line. Consider this satisfied customer: “Synchronet used their VMware Infrastructure Virtualization expertise to validate our VMware installation. We quickly realized the results of the high-quality implementation, including a simplified disaster recovery initiative and increased IT efficiency at Myron Steves. Synchronet proved themselves to be the expert consultants that we needed,” reports the insurance brokerage firm Myron Steves.

This year, join the brigade of IT professionals who are improving their business by choosing VMware Competency Partners. Visit to find a Competency Partner today.

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