This article was published on December 9, 2015

Verizon reportedly testing ‘toll-free’ data in the coming days

Verizon reportedly testing ‘toll-free’ data in the coming days
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According to ReCode, Verizon plans to start testing what’s being referred to as “sponsored” or “toll-free” data in the coming days.

Sponsored data allows a third-party to pick up the tab for any data used while accessing its content. Instead of this counting against your monthly data cap, the third-party provider is now on the hook for the data charges.

Initially, Verizon is said to be working with just a few partners in the testing phase of this roll-out, but plans to add additional content partners in 2016.

Essentially, the plan would work much like toll-free calling. When a customer dials a 1-800 number, the business on the other end picks up the tab for the call. Of course, this isn’t much of an issue anymore, with most callers having free long distance, but the data charges we currently face are the modern equivalent.

We’ve reached out to several Verizon representatives for further details and will update this post as they become available.

Update: Marie McGehee, Verizon’s Director of Corporate Communications confirmed the story but declined to provide further comment.

Verizon to Start Testing ‘Toll-Free’ Data in Coming Days [ReCode]

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