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This article was published on October 27, 2017

    VBA gets Excel almost running itself, and this $29.99 training will show you how

    VBA gets Excel almost running itself, and this $29.99 training will show you how
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    If you want to be able to tell a true Microsoft Excel expert from a pretender, ask them this question: “So, what do you think of VBA?” The posers will probably give you a blank stare, but the Excel diehards will likely smile and nod approvingly because VBA is like pumping Red Bull directly into your Excel projects.

    While Excel changed the way we handle data, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) takes that data manipulation to new energizing heights. If you’re ready to take your spreadsheets and business information to startling new places (in a fraction of the time you usually spend), get in on this limited time offer for a double pack of Microsoft VBA courses, on sale now for only $29.99 from TNW Deals.

    In Microsoft VBA, you’ll learn how to start automating specific Excel tasks to display and manipulate data better and faster. Even if you’ve got little to no previous experience with Excel, you’ll soon find yourself creating macros, essentially making Excel capable of working as its own standalone app and producing the numeric results you’re looking for. As you automate tasks and operations and set up subroutines, you’ll be teaching Excel how to draw its own conclusions with the data you’re feeding in — with little to no effort from you.

    Stepping up to Advanced VBA, you’ll take that elementary knowledge and start applying it on a deeper level. The training will help you modify the Excel interface to suit your project, customize your input and cell ranges, and create cross-functional flowcharts that’ll have you creating exactly the results you want.

    Skilled VBA users can keep lists, create forms, develop charts, analyze data, and make nearly any budgeting or forecasting task a simple matter.

    Stop working in Excel and get Excel working for you with this double-barrelled course, a nearly $140 value that you can pick up right now for just $29.99.