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This article was published on February 5, 2019

Yes, you’ve forgotten it’s almost Valentine’s Day – we’re here to help

A selection of gifts to soothe your troubled soul (and to stop you getting told off)

Yes, you’ve forgotten it’s almost Valentine’s Day – we’re here to help
Callum Booth
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Callum Booth

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Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional odd video.

You may love Valentine’s day, you may hate Valentine’s day, but you can’t ignore that it exists. That’s something we all have to deal with.

So, whether you’re looking for a little something for your new flame, want to surprise your long-term partner, or just need to treat yourself, TNW is here for you. Because you’re worth it.

To help out, we’ve put together a list brimming with great gifts to get your beloved this Valentine’s day. Aren’t we the best?

A selection of two-player boardgames so you can hang out in peace

There’s little better than spending some quality time with your significant other, and one of the best ways to do that is by playing a game designed for a duo. This is an inherently intimate way to pass the hours with the one you love.

Codenames Duet

This is a two-player variation on Codenames – a party-style board game I’m a huge fan of. The core remains the same: you give one word clues that relate to a number of cards on a table.

Instead of battling against teams though, Codenames Duet finds you working together to clear all the cards. It’s riotously fun, easy to pick up, and ideal for spending some time with the one you love. Highly recommended.

Price: ~$13



And if you prefer competing with your partner? Then check out Jaipur. 

In this game, you each play as a merchant, trade valuable items, and basically try and earn more money than your opponent. The rules are quick to learn, and there’s a pleasurable balance of luck and skill. Each game only takes half an hour, which doesn’t make playing Jaipur feel like a massive undertaking. In other words, you can get a few games in before going out for dinner.

Price: ~$25


Sweet tech-y gadgets to help your partner live a more futuristic life

Technology is awesome, and so is your partner – meaning you should get your partner some technology. That, friends, is what we call flawless logic.


Is nostalgia bad? I dunno, probably? But also, who gives a damn?

All I know is that if you get your loved one a Tamagotchi, they’re going to adore it. And maybe learn some life lessons too. Or at least gain some insight into parenting. Really, the possibilites are endless.

Price: $15-30 (depends on model and availability)


Pax 3

These days, smoking weed is as normal as having a beer. Despite this, there are still plenty of people rolling the stuff up with tobacco and setting it on fire. We’re in the future now, we can do better.

So, this Valentine’s day, treat your lover (and maybe yourself as well) to the best way of smoking weed: vaping. We’ve tried a fair few different vapes at TNW, and the Pax 3 is our favorite. It looks cool, it’s perfectly portable, and smokes brilliantly. What are you waiting for?

Price: ~$200

Namaste Vapes

Mand Labs’ KIT-1

You know how they say knowledge is the greatest gift of all? Oh, you don’t? What do you mean is that even a phrase? Ugh, people.

Now we’ve definitely agreed that knowledge is the greatest gift of all, you should get your beloved a Mand Labs’ KIT-1. This fancy little package gives you all the tools and lessons you need to get started in the world of electronics. With the standard edition, there are 54 different “experiments” you can run, including building a burglar alarm, a temperature sensor, or an automatic night lamp.

If your significant other is looking for a new hobby, or you want a fun project to do together, have a look at Mand Labs’ KIT-1.

Price: ~$150

Mand Labs

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3

Someone once said that music is the language of love. If that’s the case, then a sweet ass Bluetooth speaker must be a tool of love. And your partner needs one.

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is a magnificent, waterproof, terrific sounding, portable, and hardy speaker that’ll be perfect for playing some luscious music to accompany your romantic Valentine’s day picnic.

Price: ~$130

Amazon | Best Buy

Delightful non-tech heavy gifts for your beloved

Maybe the one you love isn’t a fan of technology. Maybe they need a thoughtful gift that doesn’t send them into a sweaty panic when they look at the instructions. Well, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

The Aeropress

The only thing people love more than coffee is finding a different way to make a cup of that tasty bean juice. While the Aeropress isn’t a particularly new device, there are plenty of people who haven’t tried the device. As the name suggests, you literally put coffee and water in the tube, then press down. It’s that simple and makes a delicious drink.

A perfect present.

Price: ~$30


A fresh pasta maker

Want to hear what the most romantic thing you could do on Valentine’s day? Give your partner this gift, crack open a bottle of wine, make a fresh pasta dish, and enjoy each other’s company.

Thank me later.

Price: ~$70


High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

I’ve read a fair number of books in my time and High Fidelity is the greatest novel about relationships I’ve come across. It focuses on a London record shop owner who, after a big break up, tries to get back in touch with his previous flames. That might sound like dry and “not the sort of book my significant other would like,” but, listen, they will.

High Fidelity is a funny, and addictive novel that feels real. If you’re looking for a book to give to your partner, this is the one.

Price: ~$14


Midori Traveler’s Notebook

I love Midori gear. Basically, the Traveler’s Notebook is a leather case in which you insert a selection of specific pads. These include diaries, lined paper, and much more. The idea is that you can customize your own notepad and make something that’s specifically you. There’s a thriving online community of people who do this, and they’ve made some breathtaking things.

If you loved one enjoys stationary (just like me), this will be a gift they won’t forget any time soon.

Price: ~$50


Sex toys to help you get on down

If you’re not gonna go out for a meal on Valentine’s day (it’s so busy, just go out on the weekend instead), then you should definitely stay in and have some no pants fun. And you know what can make those intimate moments even better? Some toys.

Mega couple’s sex toy kit

If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, Lovehoney’s couple’s kit is a fantastic introduction into the world of sex toys. Hell, there’s stuff in this pack for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Containing 11 specific toys – including a starter’s butt plug, anal beads, a rabbit vibrator, and more – this is a terrific starter set for you and your partner to explore from.

Price: ~$100

Lovehoney (US) | Lovehoney (EU)

Bullet Vibrator

If you’re after a simpler (and more discrete) way of getting into sex toys, then this bullet vibrator is ideal for couples that contain at least one woman. This device is waterproof (thank the lord) and has three different speeds and 7 vibration patterns to help the pair of you get where you need to be.

Plus, it’s a very reasonable price.

Price: ~$13

Lovehoney (US) | Lovehoney (EU)

A Fleshlight

Maybe you want to get your male partner a special gift, introduce something new into the bedroom, or just really want to try one. Whatever your reasons, the Fleshlight is the most popular male sex toy out there.

This specific version – the Flight – is more understated and subtle than the original, which makes it a far nicer thing to have, uh, laying about your house. So, this Valentine’s day, give the special man in your life a gift he’ll never forget: a penis pleasurer.

Price: ~$55


A luxury prostate massager

A good prostate massager can be a great addition to a man’s bedroom and this luxury device from Desire could be the item of your dreams.

The included remote lets you easily switch through eight different modes, with twelve intensity levels. It also makes it perfect for use in a couple, or for some well-deserved solo time. However you use it, it’s sure to make the man in your life happy.

Price: ~$100


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