This article was published on March 17, 2018

Use Facebook, Instagram and social channels to market the right way — learn how for only $29

Use Facebook, Instagram and social channels to market the right way — learn how for only $29
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

There’s marketing. Then there’s social media marketing. And after you drill into the philosophies of both, the two appear as different as a horse and buggy parked next to a Tesla. Opinions change fast, algorithms change fast — and if you’re trying to sell a product or an idea in the online landscape of Facebook, Twitter, and their contemporaries, there’s a hyper-specialized skill set you need to possess.

The Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute prides itself on that social media knowledge. Now, they want to give it to you with this SV Social Media course with certification, available right now at more than 90 percent off — only $29.

Your training is broken up into 12 modules, each focused on helping you make the biggest splash on the biggest social platforms. The course goes inside Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, to show you the specific advantages and disadvantages of using each to help amplify your message.

Armed with that knowledge, you’ll know how to improve your reach, identify and connect with the customers or followers you’re looking for, and ultimately craft effective and profitable social media campaigns.

This training will help you zero in on individual users, whether they’re on Twitter, Pinterest, or elsewhere, and tailor your message to their specific online wants and needs.

Finally, this course comes with Silicon Valley certification upon completion, a resume-building item that can help you get hired as a social media professional.

Valued at almost $4,000, you can take advantage of all this up-to-the-minute training right now from TNW Deals for just $29.

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