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This article was published on October 22, 2021

    Unlock your Mac’s secret features with a subscription to this tool

    Unlock your Mac’s secret features with a subscription to this tool
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    One of the most beautiful things about Mac OS is that you don’t really need to do much for it to be truly functional—it already is. But if you want to do some customization, there’s very little you can do since the platform is designed to be minimalist. The good news is there are loopholes, and you can unlock features you didn’t know your Mac has if you knew how to uncover them.

    Rated 4 out of 5 stars on MacUpdate, MacPilot is a tool that can help you unleash Mac’s untapped power. It allows you to unlock over 1,200 features and access them all with the Macintosh user interface you already know from inside and out. There aren’t any command line tools or complicated file operations involved, either. Everything can be accessed with the help of the app.

    With MacPilot, you can do things you’ve never done before with your Mac. You can display hidden files in Finder, disable the startup chime, add spacers and stacks to the Dock, change the screenshot file format, and run maintenance tools. It lets you toggle animations, show the quit menu, show the file path in the window title bar and use your screensaver as the desktop. It also gives you the option to access a beautiful system profile that outlines advanced system information, optimize and repair your system by running common maintenance scripts such as cron, launch services, and prebinding, view a complete list of network ports, error codes, and key combos, and see everything from the graphics card and RAM bus speeds to the system serial number.

    According to Tech Journey, “Mac Pilot is the Swiss Army Knife that does all the user interface customization, combining with custom system tweaks and under the hood maintenance in a single convenient package.” You can see it for yourself by grabbing a lifetime license on sale for $39.99—59 percent off the original cost of $39.99.

    Prices subject to change.