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This article was published on October 27, 2017

Uber’s troubled 2017 is about to get worse

Uber’s troubled 2017 is about to get worse
Inés Casserly

Uber’s in trouble again. Three women filed a lawsuit on Tuesday accusing the company of unequal pay and gender discrimination.

Ingrid Avedano, Roxana del Toro Lopez and Ana Medina, three Latina software engineers, state the system is “not based on valid and reliable performance measures,” claiming the company favors Asian and White men, offering bonuses, benefits, and stock options women and other (non-Asian) minorities don’t receive.

As a result, women face challenges in advancement as well as more menial tasks, even when at the same level as their male colleagues. This, despite evidence proving women perform just as well, if not better than men in completing similar work-related tasks.

According to Reuters, “In August, Uber made a series of changes to address pay equity, including increasing pay of employees who were paid below the median salary for their job and providing an annual 2.5 percent raise.” But it seems this was long overdue and a little too late, as two of the women left Uber this summer. The other one still works at the company.

This is just another blow for Uber in what has been a tumultuous 2017 that started with an ex-employee’s blog post shedding light on gender discrimination. The post kicked off the chain of events leading to the ousting of CEO Travis Kalanick.

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