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This article was published on March 17, 2016

Uber just announced one-way trips from California to Tijuana

Uber just announced one-way trips from California to Tijuana
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Today, Uber announced that it will start offering rides that span international borders, at least for California residents hoping to make it into Mexico for spring break.

Uber is already available in San Diego and Tijuana, but international restrictions have so far kept drivers from crossing the border with passengers, a move that saw many riders dropped off at the border and hailing a cab — or another Uber — once they walked across.

Now, riders and drivers equipped with the necessary documentation — a US passport — can make the trip into Mexico before the driver is met with the hell on earth that is coming back into the United States via the world’s busiest border crossing, San Ysidro.

As a resident of Mexico, and someone who lives a mere 20 minutes south of Tijuana, take it from me — the wait times at this port of entry are worse than just just finding a beachfront condo and moving here.

Once you’ve checked out Cecut, shopped on Avenida Revolución, or taken in some of Tijuana’s fine dining (Mision 19, ftw) you’re left to your own devices to find your way back across; you still can’t take a ride with Uber back to the US.

Instead, you’ll have to walk across the border and hail a ride from there.

Connecting Sister Cities at the Tap of a Button [Uber via The Verge]

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