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This article was published on February 16, 2011

Twitter’s Sales Video: Expect Backlash, People Don’t Like Change.

Twitter’s Sales Video: Expect Backlash, People Don’t Like Change.

Twitter is hoping to make a cool 100 million this year in advertising revenue according to an article posted on All Things D. Sadly it’s still trailing a few zeros and decimal points behind its main rival Facebook.

It’s hoping by educating its users on ad buying that target of 100 million will be reached. The video tutorial which was leaked is 40 mins long and teaches users how to buy adds in-depth and all the issues around that.

The video was not made for general public viewing and I only advise those interested in serious Twitter ad buying to watch it fully. If you want tips on advertising on Twitter but don’t want to watch a video read our guide here.

Here is a quick summary of  interesting points made on the video:

  • Twitter ads will be better then normal ads: Expect an “engagement rate” (retweet) of 1-3% . Normal click-through rates on ads on the web is about 0.3% however the likelihood of someone retweeting is much higher.
  • Don’t focus on Promoted Tweets: Its focusing on Promoted Accounts its pay-per-follower product. Advising customers to spend $4 on Promoted Accounts for every $1 spent on Promoted Tweets. Because it’s easier to buy a Promoted Account due to the higher inventory available
  • Promoted Tweets will change: At the end of Q1 Promoted Tweets will have increased visibility by moving into users main Twitterstream.
  • It’s anticipating a backlash from an “extremely marginal percentage “. “People are averse to change, especially when it comes to advertising” and buyers may face harsh feedback as a result but “not to worry”.
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