This article was published on May 28, 2010

Twitter’s Help Desk improved, support in 4 new European languages

Twitter’s Help Desk improved, support in 4 new European languages

In what is sure to be good news for many of our readers, Twitter has just announced improved helpdesk support for Spanish, French, Italian, and German with Japanese coming soon. Here are some of the features that international users can now expect when they click on the “Help” link on Twitter:

  • International help resources: we’ve translated our help documents into Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Japanese coming soon! Thanks translators, for all your hard work!

  • New Look-and-Feel: we’ve organized articles by topics and groups to help you find what you are looking for faster. We’ve integrated better with Twitter, and a fresh look-and-feel makes for a happier browsing experience.

  • @anywhere integration: you’ll notice hovercards in article comments in your tickets! This makes it easy to follow a user, or retweet what others are saying.

  • Improved Search: we’ve worked with Zendesk, our third-party help desk provider, to improve search response times and results.

  • Regular updates on known issues: all of our known issues are listed here, updated every week by our Support team. We’ve also linked to Twitter’s Status blog, a great resource for service updates when things have gone wrong on

  • Mobile help section: find out everything you need to know about using Twitter on your phone!

  • Business help: answers for questions about Twitter’s upcoming business features- more coming soon!

  • Integration with @support and @safety: easily find updates from our @support and @safety accounts, as well as the internationalized version

Twitter is working with Zendesk for this new international support.