This article was published on February 10, 2016

Twitter’s five-point plan for improving leans on developers and Periscope

Twitter’s five-point plan for improving leans on developers and Periscope

While Twitter’s earnings are a bit hit-and-miss, there’s a plan to move the needle forward. In a letter to investors, Twitter is laying out a five-point plan for just plain getting better.

The first change Twitter is planning to make involves the @mention and [email protected] features. Though it won’t say just what it plans to change, it does consider it a confusing feature for new users, so change is coming.

Second, Periscope. Twitter is clearly planning to lean heavily on Periscope moving forward, and points to its recent technology that embeds Periscope streams in tweets as beneficial. The company also says it believes “live streaming video is a strong complement to the live nature of Twitter, and it helps instantly explain the value of our service.”

Twitter is also planning to concentrate on users that push its product forward. The company will highlight users who bring an audience to Twitter, like celebrities. Twitter says it will give those users “better tools” to help them connect with their audience.

Because it plans to grow, Twitter is also investing in security. While it admits online harassment is a tricky subject to master, the company does plan to be more responsive and will be adjusting its policies as needed. Twitter wants its platform to be open and safe, and will give users better tools to report abuse and curate their feed.

Last — but not least — developers are critical to Twitter’s success, moving forward. Much like it wants personalities to be able to use Twitter as a platform, Twitter wants developers to use its suite of products to build better apps and tools. Fabric has gone from scratch to 1.6 billion active mobile devices in 18 months, and Twitter believes there’s “huge strategic value in building a platform for developers that helps us grow our reach.”

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