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This article was published on March 13, 2012

Twitter’s ecosystem passes 1.5 million apps

Twitter’s ecosystem passes 1.5 million apps

In a “fun fact” released by Twitter’s API account, the company officially announced that its ecosystem has hit a massive 1.5 million apps. It’s been easy to ignore Twitter as a platform lately, as Facebook has stolen much the show with its IPO, but with this announcement it is clearer than ever that Twitter’s reach goes far beyond its core service.

As part of the announcement, the team thanked developers for building on the platform:

It’s important to note that “registered apps” does not necessarily mean all apps in the ecosystem are particularly active. In fact, it suggests that every single abandoned app is also included in the count. A third party dev actually responded to the tweet explaining that a few dozen of those were him messing around.

According to Tip Desk, “growth, however, has been pretty good with the ecosystem apparently, as Twitter’s last milestone of 1 million “apps” was only last July. Twitter might not be raking in the revenue that many would like it to have, but it certainly is still taking a strong hold on many services across the Internet (but not as strong as Facebook of course).”

No matter what, developers are definitely jumping to the platform in droves, hoping to leverage all that Twitter has to offer. How Twitter stands to monetize this growth is still unclear, but the company’s potential continues to rise.