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This article was published on September 24, 2014

Twitter is working on its own native polling tools for publishers

Twitter is working on its own native polling tools for publishers Image by: AFP/Getty Images

Twitter is working on a new set of interactive Cards that would allow people to run polls natively across its social network.

The website BirdOps, is a testing platform for twitter devs and staff to develop new tools. According to a few test tweets, most of which link back to the BirdOps site, it’s clear that the company is looking to bring publishers a way to run polls without having to turn to third-party options. We first stumbled across BirdOps from these test tweets linking back to the platform.


One key advantage this would offer is the ability for users to interact without being redirected away from Twitter, which would likely improve engagement rates with any polls.  Oddly, while the poll Card appears on Twitter, it doesn’t show when embedded, as below.

Below is how it appears on-site.


Of course, just because Twitter appears to be testing a new feature, doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily stick around – it regularly tests experimental features.

Twitter declined to provide comment for this article.

Image credit: Getty Images