This article was published on December 10, 2015

Twitter will now show ads to logged out users too

Twitter will now show ads to logged out users too

As Twitter becomes more of a news hub than simple social network, the company has recently placed greater emphasis on its experience for visitors without an account (or who haven’t logged in). Now that experience extends to ads.

The company today announced it is expanding ad campaigns – AKA promoted tweets and videos – for its marketers to include logged out users. Twitter says there are over 500 million of these every month, often people who are led to the site after a simple Google search.


Of course logged out users probably won’t see ads quite as accurately targeted as those who use Twitter regularly, but marketers can still focus their campaigns on specific user demographics.

It’s still in a trial phase however, so the promoted tweets will only show up on Web profiles and detail pages for Tweets. This probably allows the company to have a bit of means for targeting logged out users by guessing their interest, as they can’t tie information to a user as closely as they could if you they had an account.

Promoted tweets for logged out users are rolling gradually starting today in the US, UK, Japan and Australia – more places will follow.

Testing Promoted Tweets on our logged-out experience [Twitter]

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