This article was published on January 11, 2016

Twitter wants to borrow your tweets to help promote brands

Twitter wants to borrow your tweets to help promote brands

Twitter is reportedly developing a new product that allows brands to collect tweets from users and re-purpose them to help promote themselves on the social network, reports Digiday.

The product, according to advertisers who were shown a sneak peak at CES this month, is being touted as a “brand enthusiast gallery”, where companies can cherry-pick tweets gathered by Twitter on their behalf.

The format, suggests Digiday, will consist of a Tweet from the brand followed by a carousel of posts from users.

Twitter will, allegedly, contact the author of the tweet and ask for permission before pushing it out to advertisers. How long that will take, or Twitter will allow the person to respond to the request, hasn’t been disclosed.

Previously, brands have contacted high-profile users of the social network privately and asked them to promote their wares. The idea behind the move appears to be to create a standardized feature that all companies can use – and presumably, Twitter can profit from.

As we reported last week, Twitter is making a concerted effort to court advertisers to use the social network.

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