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This article was published on February 22, 2010

Twitter Statistics: The Full Picture

Twitter Statistics: The Full Picture

twitter-logoAs more and more data comes out on Twitter’s growth, people are beginning to ask just how it all fits together. That in mind, here are the most recent compiled statistics that we have on Twitter, as of January 2010.

How many people visited in January worldwide? According to comScore it was nearly 75,000,000. Not YouTube numbers, but that represents some 1,100% growth in a year. Multiplying yourself eleven times in twelve months or so must count as explosive growth.

Where does that put them in the United States? According to Compete received some 23,500,000 visitors. This puts the US market at around one-third of the Twitter user base.

But what about people Tweeting and not using the web interface? Well, we can track that as well. According to Twitter today some 50 million tweets are sent a day. Impressive, but what does it mean? Well, tweets in 2009 grew some 1,400%. Traffic to grew around 1,100%, and total sent Tweets went up 1,400%.

Why the discrepancy? People joining Twitter, using the web interface, and then moving a Twitter client. Lots of them, it turns out.

So then where does rank in the world? According to Alexa is the number twelve website in the world. In the United States only, it also ranks at number twelve.

In which country does rank the highest? According to Alexa that would be South Africa where Twitter is the eighth largest website. The United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the Philipines all have Twitter as their tenth largest website.

Finally, with all the data and graphs that we have, when did Twitter start its rise from small startup to cultural star? January 2009, it turns out. Look at these graphs from Alexa and Twitter. The first graph is Twitter’s reach, and the second is the total tweets sent in Twitter:

twitter graph 1

twitter graph 2

So in aggregate what do we have? Well, hardly a Twitter slowdown.The data just says one thing: growth.

Twitter has been exploding all around the world, growing its user base and total produced content every month. Were you thinking about writing Twitter off in 2010? You just might have to rethink that one.

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