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This article was published on March 30, 2010

Twitter Shows Off @TopTweets – The Best Of Twitter

Twitter Shows Off @TopTweets – The Best Of Twitter

With Twitter’s new homepage, the company is also unveiling an unheard of official Twitter account, @TopTweets.

What does it do? It “algorithmically selects and retweets some of the most interesting tweets spreading across Twitter.” It has been around for some time, but no one knew that it existed. Proof? No one is following it.

In short, Twitter just got a best-of list, and it is following you. Right now the account has a total of 229 followers, but that will change in the next several days as the account explodes in popularity. Everyone is going to want to be on the account, so everyone is going to follow it.

Aside from the stream of automatically found top tweets, the tweets that you have seen on the homepage of the new, are the accounts’ Favorites list. Take a look, it’s the feed from the new front page.

Sure, Twitter dropped the suggested user list most of the way, but Twitter still wants to help people find the best tweets and people to follow. If you look at the accounts Favorites list, there is a real diversity of voices to be enjoyed. Everyone from a deaf activist to the controversial mega-church pastor Rick Warren.

This is going to become one of the biggest accounts on Twitter, just wait.