This article was published on February 12, 2015

Twitter is rolling out swipe to dismiss images

Twitter is rolling out swipe to dismiss images

Twitter appears to be rolling out a big change to how you get get out of viewing images on the service once you’re done.

swipe to dismiss

Previously, to dismiss an image you’d make a single tap on the image. For many users today, it’s changed to be a simple swipe up or down to return to their Twitter feed.

This feature rolled out for me today and I spent a good few minutes confused about why tapping an image wasn’t getting rid of it. After a few confusing moments it becomes natural to swipe away, though.

Third-party app Tweetbot has had a similar swipe-to-dismiss feature for a number of years, which might be where Twitter got the inspiration. Most people like the change:

Not everyone is a big fan of the change, however:

It’s not clear right now if the feature is a test or not — some have reported having the feature over a year ago — but we’ve seen a lot of people commenting about the navigation change..

Another small change today is user profiles on mobile now say “media” instead of “photos.”

We’ve contacted Twitter for clarification on the swipe to dismiss feature and will update when we hear back.

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