This article was published on December 22, 2011

Twitter reportedly ditches Edelman PR after “management changes”

Twitter reportedly ditches Edelman PR after “management changes”

No sooner did it happen that it has disappeared. Twitter has broken ties with its third-party PR firm of choice, the industry giant Edelman, according to AdAge.

The transition appears to have left some sore spots with Edelman, according to a source quoted in the article, noting that Twitter would have been a smaller account in the portfolio.

“We did what we were asked and sort of moved on. It wasn’t material for our [West Coast] operations, let alone Edelman. It would not have a been a large account for us or for anyone other than a very small boutique. It was less about the money than the opportunity to work with Twitter.”

It’s unknown which specific management changes caused the shake-up. The company has seen an exodus, of late, by some of its earliest employees. One of the most notable, of course, being the former head of Global Communications, Sean Garrett.

We dug in to the story, a few weeks ago, about turf wars and personality conflicts within the walls of Twitter. The big question, of course, is why Twitter needed Edelman in the first place. The company has a capable and healthy internal staff. In the past, that staff has proven itself to be easily able to handle the challenges that it faced.

We’ll be watching Twitter, of course, but don’t expect to see major PR shakeups in Twitter’s future. With Jack Dorsey giving at least 8 hours per day at the office of both Twitter and Square, companies under his guide tend to internalize their communications, rather than spend the money to go out of house.

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