This article was published on February 24, 2010

Twitter Partners with Yahoo in “Content Sharing Deal”

Twitter Partners with Yahoo in “Content Sharing Deal”

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In a deal similar to the one Yahoo sealed with Facebook, Twitter will now share tweets across the Yahoo network reports the LA Times.

Essentially this means Yahoo has paid to access the Twitter firehose, not unlike Microsoft and Google, adding real-time Twitter content to both search results and Yahoo profiles. This has been happening for some time but with this agreement, Yahoo will obtain the data direct from Twitter rather than via a limited API.

The deal will see Tweets be easily accessed across Yahoo properties and”simplify people’s lives by bringing their social worlds–and the world–together for easy access.” said Jim Stoneham, vice president of communities for Yahoo.

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone announced in the release “The information in one single tweet can travel light years farther with this Yahoo integration…Tweets in more places brings relevance where and when you need it most.”

Many assumed that the Yahoo and Microsoft (Bing) search agreement would see Yahoo gain access to the firehose by default. However, Yahoo has said it negotiated its own deal with Twitter because “content deals signed by either party before regulators approved the search deal would not automatically transfer over”.

Yahoo’s partnerships with Twitter and Facebook will take effect later this year. Financial terms of the deal with Twitter were not disclosed but needless to say …+1 Twitter.

The battle between the three Internet giants continues.

Full press release posted below:

@yahoo + @twitter Sitting in a Tree…T.W.E.E.T.I.N.G.

Yahoo! gives ‘em something to tweet about, partnering with Twitter to integrate content and social experiences from across the Web

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 23, 2010–As part of its ongoing commitment to be the center of people’s online lives, Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) today announced a global partnership with Twitter to integrate Twitter’s real-time social experiences with more than 600 million people in Yahoo!’s global network. The integration is part of Yahoo!’s commitment to provide personally relevant information to people, from sources across the Web.

A little bird told me: @yahoo is the place to tweet and be tweeted

This partnership includes three primary elements:

1) People will be able to access their personal Twitter feeds across Yahoo!’s many products and properties, including the homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Sports, and others, letting them check in more easily on what’s happening with the people and things they care about while on Yahoo!.

2) People will be able to update their Twitter status and share content from Yahoo! in their Twitter stream, so they can easily share their Yahoo! experiences with their friends and followers on Twitter.

3) Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! media properties like News, Finance, Entertainment, and Sports will include real-time public Twitter updates across a variety of topics. Yahoo! Search users will immediately see real-time Twitter results today; go to Yahoo! and try it out.

Tweet and shout: @yahoo pumps up the social volume

Today’s Twitter partnership, along with Yahoo!’s recently announced Facebook relationship, will transform Yahoo! into a highly customizable social experience that lets people bring together and unify their activity from their many social experiences across the Web. Because of these connections, anyone with a Yahoo! ID can update multiple social networks simultaneously and stay in touch with the people and information that matter most at every moment of the day.

“Let me try to capture the enormity of this integration in 140 characters or less: We’re turning the key to the online social universe–you will find the most personally relevant experiences through Yahoo!,” said Bryan Lamkin, senior vice president, consumer products group, Yahoo!. “We’re also simplifying people’s lives by bringing their social worlds–and the world–together for easy access.”

Add an exclamation point to your tweets

The Twitter integration also provides full access to the complete Twitter public data stream, which Yahoo! will use to improve the relevance and freshness of content across Yahoo! properties. This will drive deeper user engagement, and create new and compelling opportunities for developers, advertisers, and publishers.

“The information in one single tweet can travel light-years farther with this Yahoo! integration,” said Twitter cofounder Biz Stone. “Tweets in more places brings relevance where and when you need it most.”

The real-time Search integration is available immediately. Other parts of the integration are expected to launch later this year.

LA Times via Techmeme

More to come.

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