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This article was published on August 5, 2015

Twitter now lets you bulk-edit ad campaigns in Excel

Twitter now lets you bulk-edit ad campaigns in Excel

Twitter is trying to make it easier for companies to produce a wide array of ad campaigns through the site. Today, it introduced the Twitter ads editor in a blog post, which lets companies edit vast numbers of campaigns all at once via Excel spreadsheet.

Previously, businesses would have to individually edit each campaign through, updating each form field. Now, campaigns are quickly edited in bulk through Excel — which is particularly helpful for businesses who are running multiple targeted campaigns on the platform.

Check out a video to see it in action:

Editing campaigns in bulk will likely save companies plenty of time and headaches, and streamline the process to make it more attractive to potential Twitter advertisers.

The post says that the ads editor is available to a percentage of advertisers today, and will be rolling out globally.


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