This article was published on February 11, 2013

Twitter lures advertisers with mobile users, noting they’re 96% more likely to follow 11+ brands

Twitter lures advertisers with mobile users, noting they’re 96% more likely to follow 11+ brands

Twitter has published the results of a study of the service’s mobile users that they commissioned Compete to help them with. The study seems primarily aimed at using data about mobile users to attract advertisers to its mobile-targeted ad products.

Among the stats that Twitter says are important for advertisers to note about ‘primarily mobile’ Twitter users (commentary ours):

  • 57% less likely to use Twitter desktop (so target mobile devices).
  • 15% use tablets as the primary way they look at Twitter (so appeal to the ‘lean back’ user).
  • The 18-34 age group is 52% more likely to be using Twitter via a mobile device, but gender is evenly split (this is the most attractive demo for advertisers).
  • ‘Primarily mobile users are 157% more likely to use it when they wake and 129% more likely to use it when they go to sleep (so you can bookend your ads in a given market).
  • 62% of mobile users use Twitter like a messaging service to talk to people who they’re already near (not sure what to make of this, but it’s interesting).
  • 66% of them use it in the home ‘primarily mobile’ Twitter users are 32% more likely to use it while watching TV (so use dual screen ad techniques).
  • There’s also this graph which shows how much more likely mobile users are to create content:

Mobile Blog Post #3
And, most importantly, primarily mobile Twitter users are “96% more likely to follow 11 or more brands. They are also 58% more likely to recall seeing an ad on Twitter than the average Twitter user.”

As companies like Facebook and Twitter see their users shifting towards using their services on phones and tablets, and less on the web, they’ve got to adjust the way that they pitch advertisers too. This Compete study is all about Twitter proving that they have a viable mobile advertising audience ready for brands to fertilize with targeted spots. The stats are certainly tantalizing, and Twitter has shown some signs of life in the mobile ad arena, certainly moreso than Facebook if recent numbers are accurate.

Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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