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This article was published on November 10, 2017

Twitter games are the best use of the new 280 character limit

Twitter games are the best use of the new 280 character limit

Some genius Twitter users are already using the expanded 280 character limit on Twitter in the best way: by playing games using emoji.

Bryan Menegus of Gizmodo and Jack Crosbie played what might be one of the first full games of chess entirely on Twitter (Menegus won with a checkmate). The grid and pieces were represented by Unicode characters roughly analogous to a grid board.

Other people are playing Connect Four:

And of course checkers:

I’m no good at anything except a brisk game of checkers, so I wouldn’t have the patience to do something like this. But it’s fun seeing how creative other people can be.

Other popular uses of the new character limit include single-character lines to give the impression of longer tweets — like this example from the Kansas City Chiefs, which stretches the tweet to look like a wall. At least it’s not a site-breaking 35,000 character tweet.

I look forward to seeing what else creative people can do with the new limit. I’m curious to see if anyone can make a primitive Match-3 game, honestly. Consider that a challenge, Twitter.

h/t Bryan Menegus

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