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This article was published on May 27, 2011

Twitter changes fonts, “Who to Follow” and more

Twitter changes fonts, “Who to Follow” and more

It started with just some slight changes to the width of the detail panel in New Twitter, but digging deeper we’ve found some other changes as well. Here’s a rundown of the new things that we’ve spotted today. Have you seen them yet?

Thinner Details Pane

In New Twitter, the right side is now a bit thinner, offering a bit more real estate to the main tweets versus the context information.

Smaller Fonts

What’s notable, though, is that there’s a difference in how the fonts appear. For OS X users, they’re still quite legible and clean. Windows users, unfortunately, see something quite different.

As you can see, the font of choice isn’t quite as nicely rendered as it is in OS X.

Who To Follow

The Who to Follow feature now works a bit different, too. Instead of just showing you people who might want to follow based on who you already do, it now shows accounts that are followed by people who you follow:

Direct Messages

Oh yes, one more little tweak for your Friday Twitter sessions — the DM button has changed. Instead of being labeled as “Message”, it’s now an email-like icon: