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This article was published on October 11, 2016

This wacky Twitter bot uses AI to make crappy melodies for you

This wacky Twitter bot uses AI to make crappy melodies for you

Artificial intelligence is quickly making its way into music. We’ve previously seen an app that uses AI to produce original music in real-time and now there’s a Twitter bot that will crank out tunes for you anytime you tweet at it.

LnH AI is a smart music Twitter bot that makes original instrumentals based on your requests. So far, the AI-powered ‘band’ has been trained to play heavy metal, blues and jazz, which means you can request a song in any of these three styles.

Its compositions are based on your chosen genre, as well as the tempo and title you set. There’s also an option to allow LnH AI to be more creative by amping up its level of randomness.

All you have to do to put in a request is tweet the bot with the following line:

@lnh_ai Dancing robots /compose /g heavy-metal /t 160 /r 0.2

The quirky AI will then proceed to make an instrumental titled ‘robots’ in the style of ‘heavy metal’ with a tempo of ‘160’ beats per minute; it will also have a level of randomness of ‘0.2’. The average duration of each song will be roughly between one and two minutes – but that’s up to LnH AI to decide.

What’s particularly cool is that you can change each and all of the parameters anytime you make a request – as long as you follow the correct format, of course. Once you’ve sent your request, LnH AI will tweet back at you with the complete melody in about 5 minutes.

One thing to remember when placing requests is that LnH AI supports a tempo of up to 320 beats per minute and a range of randomness between 0.0 and 1.0. Any input outside of these parameters will most likely fail to breed any results.

Here’s an example of how the AI-powered bot works:

While the tunes LnH AI makes are pretty crappy at present, I’m genuinely excited to see where the crossroad between music and artificial intelligence will take us in the near future.

You can find out more about the project on this page, and get all the details on how to place a request with the quirky bot here.

Now go tweet LnH AI with your requests here.

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