This article was published on September 24, 2015

Twitter app ads now support autoplay video

Twitter app ads now support autoplay video

App ads are about on Twitter are about to get a bit more lively; brands can now promote their products with video.

Previously, companies had to use regular old promoted text or image tweets as their best bet to advertise apps to their audiences. Twitter says video leads to higher user engagement and nearly triple the app installs, given nearly 90 percent of its video views are on mobile devices.


Overall, 82 percent users watch video on the platform, so the ads will be reaching a lot of people. Brands can continue to target people by their interests, keywords, devices, locations and demographics.

The new cards will autoplay on your timelines, which is sure to please advertisers but likely to annoy some users. Underneath the video, you’ll see the option to install the app, which will pop up again if a user maximizes the video.

The new Video App Card is available now to all advertisers promoting mobile apps via Twitter; you can check out for more.

Bring your app to life with the Video App Card [ExampleSource]

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