This article was published on April 16, 2012

Twitter announces Promoted Tweet advertising and targeting for BlackBerry

Twitter announces Promoted Tweet advertising and targeting for BlackBerry

Twitter has today announced that it is expanding its Promoted Tweets advertising offering by adding BlackBerry to its roster of platforms available to advertisers. Users of the ad program can now also target BlackBerry in addition to iOS and Android.

In February, Twitter announced that it would begin showing ads in its official mobile apps, in addition to its desktop services, but it only showed them to you if they were following the brand who initiated the campaign. Twitter then expanded this test, enabling brands to target specific devices like iOS or Android, or to broadcast Promoted Tweet campaigns across all platforms at once, including the desktop.

Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry will be displayed at or near the top of the timelines of a brand’s followers and users with interests similar to the brand’s followers,” says Twitter. “Promoted Tweets will  appear in a BlackBerry user’s timeline only once and can be dismissed, mirroring the experience on”

At that time, it announced targeting options for advertisers that allows them to specifically target mobile devices like iOS or Android. Previously a brand could only broadcast the campaign across all platforms, including desktop. This allows for more precision when targeting audiences for ads.

The addition of BlackBerry to the mix completes the circle of major mobile platforms, allowing advertisers to target just about any user of the official Twitter apps as well as users of the web apps.